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Payment with credit card on sure file server SSL


In this moment you are on a sure file server SSL The sure connection is guaranteed from the padlock on the toolbar in the inferior angle of the window.

With the use of the sure file server SSL, is possible to make the payment through credit card in absolute safety: the data will be sent in monogrammed form to the seller.

When the transaction has been effected, she will receive an e-mail of confirmation.


Name of the Company (if the client is a Company):



Vat code/fiscal code (if the client is a Company):



Number ID of the order (to access the control panel Press Here)*: 

Amount in Euro of the order (with the shipping)*:

Possible annotations:

Registered holder of the credit card*:

Typology of the credit card*:

Due date of the Credit card*:

Number of the credit card*:

Safety code (the last three numbers on the back of the credit card)*:



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